NFT Gamification – Showcase
Bidshop disrupts the global NFT market with a focus primarily on Chinese customers. The first platform ever that allows you to make a reverse bid, buy expensive NFT cheaper, and sell it for much more money.
I joined a team launching a product in the Chinese cryptocurrency market. Our main objective was simultaneously launching and refining multiple bets and displaying statistics on the dashboard. The company earns commissions from each bet, so the more bets, the higher the revenue.

  • Timeline: 2 months
  • My Role: Product Designer
  • Collaboration: PM, UI Designer, 3x Developers
  • Platform: Figma
Platform Persona
Li Wei, 28 years old man who lives in Shanghai
  • Bio
    Li Wei is a tech-savvy young professional from the bustling city of Shanghai. With a passion for blockchain technology and a keen interest in innovative opportunities, Li Wei is always looking for unique ways to engage with the world of NFTs. As a dedicated enthusiast, Li Wei understands the potential value of NFTs but seeks a more affordable entry point to build an impressive collection.
  • Goals
    Li Wei's primary goal is to acquire NFTs at a fraction of their market price, leveraging a fun and engaging platform. With a desire to curate a diverse collection that reflects his individuality, Li Wei is determined to explore new strategies to secure NFTs and broaden his digital asset portfolio.
  • Frustrations
    Li Wei is frustrated by the high-cost barrier often associated with acquiring NFTs through traditional means. He's also disappointed by the lack of accessibility and opportunities for individuals like him to obtain unique digital assets without breaking the bank. Li Wei is seeking a solution that combines his interest in blockchain technology with an enjoyable and affordable method of obtaining coveted NFTs.
Defining Prevailing Patterns
Before Advancing, Let's Focus On The Section And Clearly Define the Patterns in Use
The implementation of the drilldown function employs a range selection similar to what is often found in calendars. Additionally, the bidding process itself resembles a lottery bid, as evident from our observation.
Brainstorm and Strategy
Having completed our thorough research, we focused on identifying patterns within digital and real-world scenarios.
The checkbox interface emerged as a perfect fit for showcasing selected bids while drawing inspiration from the classic Battleship game. It provided an ideal framework for implementing drill-up and drill-down functionalities, complemented by statistical insights. Utilizing the title axis to represent coordinates enhances the clarity of the drill-down process and finalizing bids.
Understanding Dot Types
A Closer Look at the Different Dot Varieties in Navigation
  • Drill Down Dot
    This dot is devoid of any numbers and is used to signify a clear point for users to explore further details.
  • Statistics Dot
    The statistics dot provides insights into the bids a user has placed, including both active bids and bids that were burned or eliminated.
  • Default Bid Dot
    This dot enables users to add a bid. It displays the selected bid amount and indicates which bid options are currently disabled.
  • Active Bid Dot
    The active bid dot signifies an ongoing bid that is currently in play.
  • Fired Bid Dot
    A fired bid dot represents a situation where a bid made by the user coincides with another user's bid, resulting in the elimination of both bids.
Exploring Integrated Gameplay
With the fusion of Battleship logic into a 10x10 field and incorporating various dot types, it's time to delve into a captivating journey through its functionality. Let's undertake a comprehensive exploration to witness the seamless synergy between these elements and how they harmoniously flow together.
Incorporate a Streamlined Bid Finalization List, Inspired by Shopping Cart Logic.
Max Senatov
Product Designer
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