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UserWay is a Digital Accessibility Innovator with different solutions, participation in society requires
barrier-free access to online content. For everyone. Helping level the playing field for people of all abilities.
Part of the team with 7 designers onboard, designed for marketing tasks and developed visual solutions for social media, blog topics, webpages, and presentations.
Project management system for video creators. Make the preproduction process much faster. Muza develops a web page that enables the opportunity to find references or make own library of references.

Pradex Group
Designed UX of online shop has increased sales of details and radiators for central heating systems produced by the company. Price lists design made working process clearer for sales managers. Design of printed materials for marketing has shown projects made by company

Interactive calculators to measure new windows' prices, one of the first using AJAX programming technology. Metrics analysis and improvement of UX in relation to data with style preservation for 4 online-shops. 2 new online-shops release
UX/UI Designer
  • Google UX/UI
  • Design Thinking at BSAD
  • Art history at HSE
  • Color Grading at Amlab
  • Photography at NYIP
  • Camerawork at ARRI

Smokefree Moscow
Branding and design of social campaign for Moscow restaurants. Handmade and recollected digitally into the whole piece of social advertisement including prospects and small banners.

The App turns the guide's phone into a transmitter and the phones of the people in the group into receivers. The guide's phone creates a local wireless network, with a technology like wi-fi, allowing enough range for a guided group.
Max Senatov
UX / UI Designer
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